Performance Swan 431 #3

An ORC Club test certificate about her performance.

This Nautor Swan 431 #3 still has the original measurements. The mast and boom are not original but measurements are still the same.

We would like to thank Alberto Pindozzi from the ORC organization for creating the test certificate for us. Thank you to the S&S Swan organization for suggesting this. See the ORC website about the ORC rating.

The certificate was made based on a previous IMS ORC certificate from 1999 where she was officially measured by the Deutscher Segler-Verband. We kept basically the same setup. The only changes we made are adding a stay sail and storm sail, but that had no effect on the ORC test certificate. Snow is still in her original measurements.

We are using these numbers to set up a polar diagram that we use in weather routing and just to learn about what Snow could do, although our sails are not so young anymore. We do not race Snow but I find it very meaning full to learn more about her performance and also just interesting.

This is what we use for setting up a polar diagram and to learn about her sweet spots on different angles with different windspeeds.

This is the full ORC test certificate

OCR Test Certificate 2020 Swan 431 #3

Most of the time we do not push Snow to her limits, sometimes we do. But when the wind picks up somewhat, Snow takes off and easily gets her speed between 7 and 8 knots. You can hear her going sssssshhhh through the water and feel she is in her element. Every little change in trimming, you’re winning a tenth of a knot more and there are many ways to trim her. Then you feel her original design, made for racing. She is such a joy to sail.